Flip Websites for Profit

How to Flip Websites for Profit

Flipping websites is a fairly new business. It’s a lot like flipping houses only without the hammer and nails. When you flip a website, all you need are some research and internet marketing skills.

Here’s how to do it successfully.

#1 Find good sites.

Just like when you’re looking for a house to flip, there are key variables that must be in place for the flip to be profitable. To begin, a website needs to have a good domain name. It also needs to have some targeted traffic. You’re not going to create miracles here; you’re just improving on a solid foundation. If there’s no traffic going to the site, it’s best to move on. Finally, is the website generating any income? It’s much easier to convince others to buy a site if you’re able to show an increase in income.

#2 Settling in to make improvements.

Okay so you’ve purchased the website you’re going to flip. Now what? You will essentially do several things. The first thing you’ll want to take a look at are the current SEO practices. Is the site coded correctly? Are there incoming links and internal links?

The second thing, and this may be the most important thing, is you’ll want to put content on the site. This will involve keyword research to make sure the content is optimized for the search engines, and then of course it will have to be written. You can write the content yourself, outsource it or purchase PLR and tweak it to meet your needs.

Now, how’s the navigation? How does the website look? If the website could use some aesthetic help, grab a free template, install it and you’re on your way. Depending on the site’s purpose you may want to install a few extras. Like, could it benefit from a forum? What about some AdSense or affiliate traffic?

Remember, people are going to be interested in purchasing this site only if you can show an increase in revenue, so this is the time to focus on that. You may also want to have the sales copy (depending on the website and business model) improved or completely rewritten. If you have a knack for sales pages, then this is a great way to improve the profits quickly and easily.

#3 Sell the site.

Now you’re ready to make a profit. You’ve increased traffic to the site, and have the records to prove it. You’ve increased the site’s income, and have the records to prove it. Now it’s time to put it on the market.

You’ll want to value it and that can be a tricky thing. Some experts tell us that the value of a website is generally worth three to six times earnings before interest and tax. There are two ways to approach the sale of a website: you can email people in the industry who already have websites and may be looking for more, or you can post the sale on a site like eBay and let people bid for it. SitePoint also offers a websites for sale area.


You now know how to take a website, improve it and make some good money. Like anything, this business takes a bit of know-how and skill, so do your research before you jump right in. Happy flipping!

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